Host a party to remember, here is your chance to take over a commercial kitchen like a boss. 

Invite your friends, co-workers, neighbors or visiting guests. We will give you an event to remember and show you how we make Gourmet Chocolate Bonbons and French Macarons. 


A great time for Corporate Retreat, bonding, wine tasting, birthdays or just something different to do.

Chef will also craft some veterinarian pizzas, flavors everyone would love.

  • MAE Fine Foods

    Birthday Party Gift Event to remember

    Bring a group to celebrate by making a birthday cake in a commercial kitchen. Minimum birthday age is 12 years old Minimum persons is 10 and maximum is 30 persons Milk, cookies and treats will be available while we all bake. We will host an intimate...

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  • MAE Fine Foods

    Chocolate Wine Craft Pizza Gathering

    An event you will remember, takes place in our large modern commercial kitchen. Start off an evening to remember with fresh crafted gourmet pizzas like pear goat cheese and fig; Chef Rich will surprise you pallet. Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine...

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  • MAE Fine Foods

    Dessert Table Per Person

    MAE Fine Foods will come to you and set up a beautiful dessert table consisting of 6 varieties of delicate portions of gourmet treats. Typical tables would include Chefs Choice: >Gourmet Bonbons >French Macarons >Chocolate Chunk Cookie >Rocky...

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